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82-92 Camaro custom Shifter Plate Install

*The Shift Plate will be sent with the cups not installed*

Install the shift plate without the cups. Mark the center counsel where it needs to be trimmed and proceed to trim.


Note the factory shift boot ring will need to be trimmed as well to accommodate the cup holders.


Once the center counsel is trimmed you will need to bond the cup to the plate with either a 2 part epoxy or goop like adhesive. (You can install the cups without bonding them if you wish to be able to remove them for cleaning.)

Place a small amount to the marked inside corner or the cup and install. Cup should have a lite snap fit at the top.


Last thing to do is supply 12v power to the LEDs. (Red-positive Black-negative) And Install your shift boot.

If you have any questions regarding the install feel free to contact us at UnleadedDesigns@gmail,com


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