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82-92 Camaro Radio Bezel Install

Start by removing your current radio bezel, radio and your hvac controls.


Unbolt the hvac controls from the metal bracket you will need to modify the bracket the make everything fit properly.


All 4 of the marked holes will need to be elongated downward 1/4". the bottom edge of the bracket will need to be ground flush as shown.


(Illustration shown hvac position recommended bracket modifications)

Image Coming Soon...

Now to install your radio. I currently do not offer mounting brackets for the radio. Many have used galvanized nailer plates found in hardware stores, others have designed and printed their own radio mounts. Utilize the factory 4 holes to mount your radio.

All that's left is to install your new bezel and enjoy the new look.

If you have any questions regarding the install feel free to contact us at UnleadedDesigns@gmail,com

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